William H. Panning

William H. PanningBill is Founder and Principal of ERMetrics LLC, a new consultancy that focuses specifically on how managers can use Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to measurably increase the value of their firms.

Bill’s unique career includes graduate school (Ph.D.), the military (Army), academe (taught at Wharton and elsewhere), and business (Aetna, The Hartford, MetLife, and other firms), as a quant (quantitative analyst), investment strategist, portfolio manager ($8 billion), senior executive, and ERM specialist and model-designer. He has published more than fifty articles on ERM. Many are non-technical. Three of his technical publications won awards for excellence, and five are required reading for actuaries.

The intended audience for Bill’s column consists of managers and quants who wish to better understand and more effectively utilize analytic methods to enhance the financial success of their firms. Efforts to achieve this common goal often fail or have limited success due to a significant and growing gap between managers and quants, groups who have different backgrounds, speak different languages, and think differently. Bill uses his extensive experience as both a quant and senior manager to provide crucial insights into how firms can bridge this gap to take maximum advantage of new sophisticated and powerful but practical analytic concepts and tools.


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